Online Income Blueprints Vol. 1

My new book – Online Income Blueprints Vol. 1 – contains 14 in-depth interviews with EXTREMELY successful online entrepreneurs – many in unique niche markets you may have never considered.

During these interviews they revealed an amazing number of insider tips, tricks and resources they’ve used to succeed with their online businesses.

Ideas you can “steal” and adapt for your own profit!

I did these interviews and put this book together to provide you with a TON of new, unique and AWESOME ideas, inspiration, resources and motivation for your own online projects in 2011.

For example, inside Online Income Blueprints Vol. 1 you’ll discover:

  • How to travel the world with nothing but your laptop and an internet connection.
  • Insider techniques for brainstorming “can’t fail” internet venture ideas.
  • How to become world-famous on a shoestring budget.
  • An in-depth tutorial on starting an info-product business from scratch.
  • How successful internet entrepreneurs take advantage of traditional media to gain massive free exposure for their websites.
  • The top mistakes to avoid when setting up your first online business (these guys have already made them – learn from them!)
  • How to associate with leaders in your market to ramp up your business.
  • Step-by-step blueprints for starting and running e-commerce sites, online service businesses, software businesses & profitable blogs.
  • The FASTEST methods of going from idea to profit – no matter what online business model you choose.
  • Customer support strategies that will save you time and money – right from the start.
  • Tested and PROVEN guerrilla marketing methods that can generate targeted traffic, leads and customers to your online business – FAST and CHEAP

…and much more.

All this jam-packed into a 146 page easy-to-carry, easy-to-read, easy-to-highlight and take notes in paperback edition.

And you can purchase your copy here for just $12.95 on Amazon right now.


James B. Allen

P.S. Kindle edition is now available too!