Here at Genki Marketing we always encourage using article marketing in any internet marketing campaign. There are few better ways to bring tons of targeted prospects to your site quickly – AND increase your natural search engine results in the long run – at the same time.

To illustrate, here is a screen shot of one of our article marketing accounts we use to drive traffic to our clients’ sites.

Article Stats

As you can see, the articles in this account have already sent over 14,000 visitors to our clients’ sites. Keep in mind, these are visitors who have read an article related to the topic of our clients’ business, and then clicked a link at the end of the article for more information.

You can’t create a more targeted prospect than that.

These articles also have the wonderful side effect of driving our clients’ rankings high in the search engines for targeted keywords, which creates a snowball effect – an ever growing number of visitors to their sites.

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