James Brown & Stu Stirling

Last week, I took an overnight journey – 7 hours of traveling – to the northern mountain city of Fukushima, Japan.

I was invited there by Australian entrepreneur James Brown who has also made Japan his adopted home.

My first day there, he and fellow expat Stuart Stirling took me for a drive into the mountains that surround the city – as far up as the roads went. Then, we climbed by foot for another forty minutes up a treacherous, overgrown trail.

Just before we reached the summit, I was nearly over-powered by the smell of sulfur.

As I looked ahead of me, I saw smoke rising from the rocks – and from the milky blue-green water in the river running past us. It was like a scene from some sci-fi movie on another planet.

Really – have a look:

You see, we had reached the hidden sulfur hot-springs of Fukushima.

Then these two guys tell me to jump into the near boiling water bubbling up from the ground. At first I thought they were joking – until they took the lead and waded in.

We spent two hours soaking in this hot, stinky water bubbling up from the volcanic activity just below the surface.

(The locals claim it is extremely good for your health – and I must admit, I’ve felt extremely refreshed the past few days since.)

As we soaked, we shared some traditional sake (Japanese rice wine) and talked about the projects we had worked on and the countries we’d traveled to since we last crossed paths.

It’s adventures like this that remind me how lucky people like James, Stuart and I are to be able to make our living generating our income online. We get to live where we want, go where we want, do what we want – when we want.

I’m not bragging though – because the real secret is…

…anybody can do this.

In fact, not one of the three of us are particularly clever. We just found what works – and stuck with it.

It has literally taken us around the world. You can do the same!


James B. Allen
Genki Marketing
Chiba, Japan

P.S. Once you find and follow a plan of action that works for you – and find yourself with extra-money and free time – I highly recommend you take a trip here to Japan – and have a soak in the sulfur hot-springs too!

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